30 Kilos of Cocaïne Used to Draw the Lines of a Football Field 

w/ Apparatus 22Stefan BruggemannLucas JardinNiels Poiz

HIDDEN, Brussels (BE), June 2016

A title inhabits the seductive middle ground between saying it all and revealing absolutely nothing. The work “Show Titles” is an ongoing list of suggestions for exhibition titles that can be used by anyone without authorisation and are for free on the only condition to be credited as an artwork by Stefan Brüggemann

SHOW TITLE Nº 205 - 30 Kilos of Cocaïne Used to Draw the Lines of a Football Field

Apparatus 22 works with ideas and actions that ignite the critical potential of clothing and fashion. In this installation, things get displaced in multiple ways: what is usually intended to protect is now unveiling, what is usually adorned with harmless patterns is now covered in disturbing imagery – all related to clothing - and bears a rather haunting statement+question: ”Fashion designs dreams. When do they turn into nightmares?”.

Lucas Jardin’s works operate in the space between revelation and concealment. Using solvent to manipulate pedagogical materials as a support, his gestures are painterly in effect, the result of a reductive process eating into and degrading the surfaces he works on via a complex interface of language and images.

Niels Poiz's starting point is the fact that every text and language, written or spoken, has a context. Dealing with the fact of showing in a vitrine, his proposal is a little play on his initials and speaks about the presence / absence of the artist in the work and making a 'work of art'. It's called "NP, No Problem". The work is the portrayal of the artist as a character.

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