forever young

Forever Young 


w/ James Balmforth, Andrea Canepa, Alice Channer, Julian Charrière, Alexandre da Cunha, Andrea Francolino, Bill Henson, Pieter Hugo, Renaud Jerez, Li Jinghu, Josh Kline, Anita Molinero, Vivien Roubaud, Carmelle Safdie, Ivo Van Den Helzen, Emmanuel Van Der Auwera, Corinne Vionnet among others…

The Loft, Brussels (BE), Avril 2016 - Mars 2017


Forever Young” is the 2016 annual presentation organized by collector Alain Servais in his 900-square-meter loft in Brussels. Curated by Nicolas de Ribou, the exhibition presented a diverse selection of artworks from the Family Servais Collection.

Taking its name from the 1984 song of the same title by the German band Alphaville, the song dealt with youth, the passing of time, the feeling of fear at the time of the Cold War, and the overwhelming need and desire to stay alive no matter what happens. 

Jump to the modern day and the song and exhibition could be seen as a embodiment of youth’s preoccupations being far from what they were at that time.

The exhibition “Forever Young” created and showcased the portrait of a generation raised between never ending conflicts, its obligation of consciousness, and its need of carelessness.

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