PARÉIDOLIE, International contemporary drawing fair

Château de Servières / 19 boulevard boisson / 13 004 Marseille

Saturday 30 août 2014, 11am - 7pm / Sunday 31 août 2014, 11am - 8pm





The Hydrib curatorial platform has been given carte blanche in the large office in the Château de Servières at this first edition of Pareidolie, the International Contemporary Drawing Fair in Marseille. The Brussels-based project selected by Hydrib, Abel Nicosdriou Project, aims to accompany young artists whose work questions various parts of the heritage of art history, with a special focus on notions of everyday life and its routines, production, re-production and display as well as notions of the absurd.

Abel Nicosdriou Project aims at reflecting on the place and status of drawing as a medium, as practised by Jennifer Caubet in her largely sculptural work. In fact, in the early stages of a work, she nearly always does some preparatory drawing work in the form of technical sketches, but the point here is not so much to show interest in those sketches as to question certain series that have become independent in their own right. For Paréidolie, it was decided to present a group of three silkscreen prints from the Constellations derivées series made by creating a pattern based on the design of a motorway interchange, all this following one of the artist’s major conceptions as revealed in her practice, i.e. taking a single architectural form and displaying it in a given space. The basic element taken from reality disappears here via its schematization; and its systematic reproduction makes for visibility across the surface of the sheet of paper, the latter becoming a new space for a totally symmetrical construction. A decorative pattern emerges out of what was originally a utilitarian form.

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