24-27 April 2014

During Art Brussels, from midday until 8pm. Late night opening on Friday 25 April 2014 until midnight.

Dexia Art Center. Rue de l’Ecuyer 50 Schildknaapstraat. 1000 Brussels, Belgium.


The project aims at a direct confrontation of and inter­action between Swiss photographer Lukas Hoffmann and Spanish artist duo Aggtelek.

The large-scale photograph by Lukas Hoffmann titled Alpenblik II, Cham offer a reflection on the exhibition venue (the Vanderborght building) which main use remains uncertain despite its reputation as architectural heritage in Brussels. Architecture is a landscape that is constantly subject to the laws of nature. Hoffmann’s photographs could be a cautionary glimpse of the building’s contingency in order to foster greater awareness. This photograph is also the starting point of a new installation by Aggtelek, titled Real, which follows a narration based on the notion of man’s trace on the world. The image-objects are displayed directly on the floor, which acts as a possible extension of the empty field in the foreground of the photograph. The image-landscape is strewn with discarded waste from our consumer society, its physical presence extended into the realm of the gallery space with littered sculptural-image-objects. These works are an expanded collage within the venue, questioning the status of images and their representa­tion through two opposing approaches.

Working through the flat surface of images, Hoffmann’s work has the rigor of a renewed classical treatment of images while Aggtelek works on the production of developed from the biggest picture database, the World Wide Web. This fosters a direct reflection on the format of art fairs : usually a single piece of art is purchased for a sum, but in this case the artists have added the element of purchasing the concept behind the image-object as well. Beyond each object, Aggtelek has determined a series of life experiences in which the collector will play out the role of activator for the yet-determined stages of each work.

Aggtelek. I heard from Baldessari or Monk, that Rothko's paintings were like Big Mac's. Fucking awesome idea. Walmart paintings as Rothko. 2014.

Aggtelek. I heard from Baldessari or Monk, that Rothko's paintings were like Big Mac's. Fucking awesome idea. Walmart paintings as Rothko. 2014.

Lukas Hoffmann. Alpenblick II, Cham. 2009. Gelatin silver print. 260 x 310 cm

Aggtelek. Real. 2014. Installation of 9 sculptural images, each one related to one performative concept. Variable sizes and different venues. Visitors can get/purchase the sculptural images or the concepts, or both.


Aggtelek’s performative concepts

1/ Do the Homer. Send someone to a desert hotel or a boring place so he can stay there for 2 days drinking beer, watching tv and getting bored, living a contemporary experience of today.

Price : 2 000 EUR (price includes flight, hotel and 2 days free stay in the hotel choosen by the artists for 1 person)

2/ Drugs 5.00. Smoke some joints with the artist speaking about the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Price : 1 000 EUR (price includes: the joints and the beers)

3/ Constuctivism Plant. Free piece of art if you go to Art Basel Fair and film yourself in one of the bests booths (let’s say, Gagosian, David Zwirner or Hauser and Wirth) doing the most dumbshit pose you can imagine for 3 minutes, as a silent sculpture.

Price : Free

4/ Cat. A tuned cat following the strange aesthetics of the artist the day they take the cat to the hairdresser.

Price : Market price

5/ Cucumber. Be a piece of art. Photograph yourself thinking that you are Erwin Wurm. All photographs will be pieces of Aggtelek and will have an edition of 3, minimum 3 photos will be asked to the owner that wants to take the sculpture for free.

Price : Free

6/ Pizza. Dinner at Restaurante La Pava, Castelldefels, as mafia members trying to make a new bussiness between the artists and the spectator.

Price : 1 000 EUR (price include flight for 1 person, taxi from the airport Barcelona to Castelldefels and back again, for 1 person / 1 500 EUR the above plus 2 persons)

7/ Noodles. A noodle cup signed as R.Mutt 2014 (1) or Noodle cups sculpture as a Brancusi (2)

Price : (1) 750 EUR, (2) 1 200 EUR (Transport is not included)

8/ Soccer Burrito Sculpture. A beach soccer match between the team artists plus friends against the buyer plus friends. Minimum 3 players by team. A bet of 200 EUR between the team. The loosers pay the dinner and the mojitos.

Price : 1 000 EUR (this does’nt include flights, nor stay)

9/ Bolano. Theater piece about Roberto Bolaño’s literature. It will be rehearsal in a close establishment (restaurant) with insignificant objects.

Price : 2 000 EUR

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