24-27 April, 2015

Canal Wharf, Akenkaai / Quai des péniches, Brussels

Every day from 12:00 until 20:00

Opening: 23 april from 17:00 until 22:00

Nøne Futbol ClubWork Nº032: GET A BOOBY JOB


The artist duo, created in 2009, uses the artistic field as a playground through simple, powerful and exhilarating acts. With its name reminding a branded logo or a corporate trademark, it gets its hand on our today’s society media system so as to better return their meaning, using humor, seduction and joyful provocation. Aware of the artworld rules, it copies the method of production and dissemination of the contemporary fashionable artworks, in a playful, subversive and sometimes cynical position.


Nøne Futbol Club offers us the creation of a new instalation from its Bird’s Thoughts Serie. Initiated few years ago with pigeons, it finds now a new development with the active involvement of little sparrows from Japan stationed on perches shaped in letters. By natural ways, their droppings fall on a canvas placed on the ground of the artists designed aviary, like a mini-factory absurdly producing text canvas that reminds us the futility and the vanity of advertising, managerial and political messages we are surrounded by.


Here, the injunction is GET A BOOBY JOB, that challenges Robert Filliou’s Poppositions 2015 quote “Whatever you think, think something else, whatever you do, do something else”, with a clear willingness to manipulate through the use of a totalitarian communication. Innuendo : Think what we want you to think!

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