a film by Thomas de Brabanter

A solo show by Thomas de Brabanter

Curated by Nicolas de Ribou


L'autonomie 9, Brussels (BE)

Exhibition from September 3 until September 25, 2011

a film by Thomas De Brabanter

2011, 16mm, color, sound, approx. 11 min.
Production : Le Fresnoy, studio national des arts contemporains
With Mathieu Amalric & Marieke Dilles, music by Thomas Smetryns

The film deals with the idea of storytelling and the storyteller. It is about a writer who is trying to imagine a fictional character.



Excerpt of dialogue from a film by Thomas De Brabanter:

So I'm on this voyage right. But then I'm not, because...

(Interrupts) Well that's neither here nor there. (Pauze)
So this voyage... where will it take you?

I never get there.

Why? What happens?

I lose myself. You see, I should never have gone.

Do you die? 



Evidence (Preuve)

2011, inkjet print, 130 x 95 cm.

This photo was taken on 18 January 2011 after shooting the final scene of a film by Thomas De Brabanter. It shows actors Mathieu Amalric and Marieke Dilles.


Poster for a film by Thomas de Brabanter

2011, inkjet print, 53 x 80 cm. 

Développé avec Berta.me